When there is some type of home renovation project taking place, it pays to think about where the debris will go as things progress. Getting rid of junk and old materials that are no longer needed will greatly enhance the efficiency around the site. Here are some tips for choosing the right type of AOT Skip Bins for the job.


While the skip bins will be emptied from time to time during the project, it pays to look closely at the capacity of the rented units. The idea is to choose units that are large enough to receive all discards for two or three days. Doing so makes it easier to dump the junk directly into the bin and rest assured it will be emptied before there is no more room.

The Most Efficient Design

Not every project requires the same type of bin. Consider the nature of the renovation and what tasks must be accomplished. Perhaps a bin that can be rolled around the property would be a major plus. Something with an open top is ideal when the job calls for replacing a roof. It also never hurts to have a bin that includes sliding doors along one side, especially if a lot of the work will be done on a main floor.

For clients who are not sure if a given bin design is right for the project, feel free to talk with a representative. Chances are that previous customers have sought bin rentals for similar renovations. The representative can often make suggestions about designs that will serve the customer well.

Rental Terms and Conditions

Keep in mind that a skip bin rental involves more than simply the rental cost per day. There will be some additional fees for activities like emptying the bin every few days, and possibly charges associated with delivering the bin and picking it up at the end of the project. Always go over every type of fee or charge involved with the rental agreement. Doing so will ensure there is never any question about how much the rental will cost and when certain charges must be settled.

Remember that working with the right AOT Skip Bin Hiring Services will make a difference in the progress of the renovation. By working with a service that is reliable, has a great reputation, and can supply the perfect bin for the job, things will go much more smoothly. Take the time to check the options close and never be reluctant to ask questions in advance. Doing so will result in securing the perfect bin for the best possible price.